Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quick Pizza

I have some 2 day old bread. Can you believe it?
They didn't eat it all in one sitting!

I don't want it to go to waste... so I am going to make a quick pizza out of it tonight, with the ingredients above.
I'll brush the bread with olive oil and garlic, slice up the tomatoes and cheese and layer it on the bread, and voila! Margherita Pizza!
I'm adding a lovely salad and dinner will be served.
It is the perfect thing to do with bread that is past it's homemade prime.
I made a little too much at one time on Sunday Night, so now I had to get creative, so as not
to waste the lovely bread.
Look at all the holes!
Hee hee!


  1. looks beautiful. Do you just keep your bread out on the counter when it doesn't all get eaten? I put half a loaf in a ziploc and that made it soft...so can I just leave it unwrapped for a few days to keep the crust a bit harder? I also tried your "mock pockets" and took pictures...it was soooo yummy and my boys loved it. I will post the pictures in the next few days. I just had my tonsils out yesterday (strep 4 times in 9 months...they had to go)...so, I'm a bit slow right now, but I cant wait to get posting, and baking again. I loooove this bread. There are just so many things you can do with it.

  2. Hi... and OOOOHHHH, get well soon!

    Yes, I leave it out, loosely wrapped in a cotton kitchen towel.

    I have learned to only make as much as can be eaten in 2 days. Past 2 days it is better for bread crumbs or baked french toast.