Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bread as gifts

Bread... the food of life... literally.
It can be a wonderful thing and it can be the bane of one's existence.
Sensory loading splendor and guilt ridden thigh increaser at the same time.
Remember the No Carb Diet craze? Wanna know why it was a fad?
People. Love. Bread.
Plain and Simple.
Every single culture on the planet has a chosen, "look at us, this is who we are and what we make" bread. Every. Single. One.
So why not embrace it? Why not make some for yourself?
The Holidays are coming up.
If money is tight for you this season... whip up a few batches of the 5 Minute bread and give it to every person you know.
Go to the clearance racks or remnant aisle of your favorite craft store and buy some wonderful material or buy inexpensive tea towels.
Place the loaf in the basket or wrap it with the towel and place it in the basket and tie with a gorgeous ribbon.
Include some jam or mini jelly jars or honey or some homemade honey butter.
Too Simple! Too Delicious! Too Easy!
OR... OR...OR!!!
Whip up the dry ingredients for the dough in a nice glass or plastic bucket, and include directions on how to make it with the water, and include a wooden spoon, and voila!
Insta Bread making kit!
I'm just gettin' warmed up people...
Now its your turn to give ideas... post away!

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