Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bread as Gifts, cont...

1. Make baguettes or breadsticks, and give them with a jar of spagetti sauce (homemade or store bought). Put these in a basket, or even cheaper, a paper bag with a pretty bow.
(cheap neighbor gifts for christmas...esp if you make your own sauce)

2. Why not just buy inexpensive buckets or big tupperware (dollar store maybe?) and mix up a batch with recipe attached. Could even attach recipe like a sticker on the bucket...that way it's right there for them every time they mix a new batch. Nothing like making it easy for someone to get started. Most people own a stone, and an old pan for steam. Throw in a wooden spoon with it...or not!

3. If your Christian...(and so is the receiver), why not just a simple loaf with a ribbon on it...with a scripture attached from the bible about the loaves and fishes miracle. (Mathew 15:36)
(Or the Lords prayer...give us this day, our daily bread, etc) Nice for christmas.
If your not Christian, just attach a card that says "Eat Me!" (Just Kidding, Folks!)


  1. Shows you how much I am paying attention! I just now read your post! It's Sunday at 5 p.m. here, and I posted the "I need you" post without knowing you posted yesterday!!!

    Yahoooo!!! I love the ideas, especially "eat me" one! Loved it!

  2. Sorry to confuse you. I posted today...but back dated it so it would appear below yours. I didn't want readers to miss your newest post about going to your house to learn the technique! If I had the money...I'd fly out for a lesson!!