Friday, August 29, 2008

I broke my oven!

I actually broke my oven this week.
I was pouring water into the broiler pan I use on the lower level of my upper oven, to create the steam necessary for my bread to get good and crusty, and a drop of water got on my glass door and shattered it.
I was shocked!
I almost cried.
Thank God it wasn't a day earlier, or I would have written a sappy letter to it.
So... take heed my bread buddies...
Water and Hot oven glass do not mix.
The new glass is on it ways via UPS, to be replaced by Super Bill, to the tune of $58 bucks.
Next time, I will be much more careful.
I had done it a million times before, but this time, it just had enough.
I will also use hot water next time.
But Hey! I'll have new, pristine clean glass soon!


  1. thanks for the warning. I broke my stone this week. I picked it up out of the oven, and it just snapped in half. I was bummed. I've had it for 10 years and it was so perfectly seasoned. Dang. Doesn't PC have a lifetime warranty? Or do you have to keep your receipt to be eligible? If so, I'm out of luck.

  2. sorry about your oven. I should stop my moaning. At least I'm not replacing my glass!

  3. Stoneware has a 3 year guarantee.

    We are having a sale on stoneware in Oct or Nov. I let you know and you can get another one dirt cheap from me, and we'll have it delivered right to your door.

  4. I would love that! Thank you!! Let me know when they go on sale. Until then I think I can put a small loaf on the larger of the broken pieces.

  5. you also sale pizza peels? I have been using a bread board and wanting to upgrade.

  6. NO, we don't! i wish we did!

    I just got a gorgeous, great quality on at Ross for $4.99!

    My other ones I got from Cost Plus for only 10 bucks each.

  7. Never heard of cost plus, but I will start searching Ross, and TJ Maxx. They have stuff like that once in a while. Good idea.