Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just more bread stuff...

Oh... it seems like forever that I've been on here!
I haven't stopped making bread...have you?
I haven't purchased bread in almost 2 months!
Now if I can only make my own milk and cereal... half my grocery bill will be taken care of.
My kids can eat their weight in milk and cereal in the morning.
Hollow legs I suppose.
So, I've made raisin bread every week for about a month now. Raisin bread grilled cheese sandwich is SOOOO delicious!
Really! Try it!
I braided some bread this morning.
Now that the weather has actually been below 100, I feel like I can bake in the morning now.
The braid is on the title spot on the top of the page.
Sooo, let me know if you are still mixing dough! I feel so alone!

1 comment:

  1. I'm still mixing....just at a much slower rate. Canning the garden has taken all my time. I am lucky to just get a meal on the table at night. Happily, I am nearing the end. So...as the weather is turning, let the baking begin. Hopefully I can come up with some new creative things like you do...oh, I have so much to try from you. I cant wait!!