Sunday, September 7, 2008

How to use up a whole bucket o' dough!

My Mom and I did a big catering job on Friday... and we needed my back patio fridge to store all the sauce and meatballs she made, so I had to move my buckets of waiting dough. There was no room in my house fridge, so I had to use all that dough up, in one day.
Luckily, I only had two buckets of dough. Sometimes I have a third going of another kind of dough other than the Master Recipe.
I wanted to use it quickly, and in a way I knew it would be eaten, and not left to go stale.
I found the perfect use... Focaccia. One. Big. Huge. Focaccia.
I oiled up a Stoneware Bar Pan, and dumped an entire bucket of dough onto it, and gingerly started to spread it by lifting and gently pulling it to the outer edges. Then I just let it sit for about 20 minutes, dimpled it with my fingers and put it into a hot 475 oven.
It was gorgeous!
If I hadn't lost my camera, I would be able to show you! {sigh}
So when it was all done baking... I wrapped it in a towel after it cooled completely, and
the next night, before the Drive in, I made sandwiches with it.
My men went mad for the them!
I layered turkey, sun dried tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, shredded lettuce, pepperoncinis, roasted red peppers, balsamic vinegar and olive oil between the pillowy bread.
After wrapping it in foil, I put it in the fridge to ripen and put a skillet on top of it so the layers would squish together to make a sorta Muffaletta, a Mockaletta, if you will.
The rest of the dough was rolled out into thin sheets and my Mom's famous meatballs were chopped up and fresh Mozzarella cheese was grated and encased in the thin sheets as Calzones.
I made them right on the stone, and put the in the oven. I couldn't slide them of a peel because they were too full and dough was thin.
Alex said I should sell them. He kept making dreamy noises as he ate them.
Oh, how I wish I had those pictures...
I'll make more this week, after my new camera delivers.
It was weird not having dough buckets in the fridge.
I am waiting for them to rise as I type this. Both are going into the fridge tonight.
I am having a friend over for lunch tomorrow and I want to have fresh bread to make our Paninni's on.


  1. Saundra,
    That lunch was awesome ~ YUMMY!!!
    Thank You soo much.

  2. Holly, it was my pleasure.

    Did your Hubby enjoy the bread? Or did you share with him?

  3. the calzones sound so fun. I appreciate the new project of bread making we have at my house now- I found you through Adrian. Thanks for the tips!