Thursday, September 11, 2008

Buttermilk bread made with Yogurt instead!

This cinnamon raisin bread was made with a modified "Buttermilk" recipe from the book.
I frequent the books blog, and a reader posted a comment about how he used Yogurt instead of Buttermilk in the Buttermilk Bread dough recipe. I don't have buttermilk, but I did have plain yogurt hanging around for Tzazkiki, so I tried it!
Can you say YUM?
The dough is tangy, easy and oh so tender.
I am so proud of this bread!
One loaf has lasted us 3 days, and the kids have been eating it every morning for breakfast toast.
I had to snap this picture before it was all gone.
I priced a large loaf yesterday at the store, and it would have been $7 if I had purchased the same amount of bread that I made.
My 25lbs of bread flour only costs me $7, and it lasts me 2 months!


  1. Oh my gosh. That looks beautiful and so delicious. I cant stop making the master recipe. I think I need 2 buckets like you have and have 2 doughs going at the same time. (you probably have more!!) Thanks for posting...I want to make this.

  2. I have 2 master recipe buckets and a smaller bucket for experimental doughs.

    This morning I woke up to all three of my boys cutting, toasting and munching on the entire loaf.

    Really try it with yogurt. The texture and taste are really different and tangy and yummy.