Saturday, November 15, 2008

Braided Loaves for the Holidays

I am making this for Christmas gifts for the families we visit this Holiday Season.
I'm adding homemade honey butter to go with it... in a basket... lined with a gorgeous kitchen towel.

It looks so beautiful baked!


  1. It sure does! I'll bet it's delicious.

  2. Beautiful!!
    I've been baking like crazy here, cause it's sooo cold already.

  3. What am I doing wrong? I just had my second stone break since I have been making this bread. (granted this last one I bought at walmart for 10 bucks...but my pampered chef one cracked in half too!!) Do stones not like the high temp. the bread cooks at? I'm frustrated. I guess I have to go get another stone...but at this rate I have to buy a new one every 2 months. Any ideas? Dang!!!

  4. Awesome! I haven't made bread in years. (Having 4 kids in 3 years will do that to you) But that looks so good, I might have to go back to making bread. Especially now that my boys are starting to go through that store bought stuff like there is no tomorrow.